Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am wearing a red sweater because it is cold outside. Yes, I am aware it's late November which means it's already summer in Adelaide. Though, summer seems to have no impact whatsoever on Adelaide's weather. I'm telling you, Adelaide is going to be the next London, weatherwise. I have never been to London (or the UK for that matter), but all I hear when people talk about it is either the shopping or the weather. That ALWAYS come out first in conversations. Although I would have been really keen if I were given the chance to study in the UK but I am actually glad I wasn't given that chance. I would have been the most miserable person you've ever met. I probably would have sucked and sulked so bad that even the pigeons won't want to be my friends. I really need the weather to change, I want to hit the beach soon. Just to lie on the beach with a book and maybe a company. Human company I mean. Not pigeons.
Okay, time to venture into a new adventure! 4000 words essay. No matter how much people stress working life sucks and they wished they were still in uni, I'd beg to differ. I think I was built for working life. Last time I worked, I enjoyed myself. I was tired constantly yes, but I feel like I gave something back to the community. Right now I just feel spoilt and so behind. I'd feel elated to be feeling that way if I was 18, but I'm 25. People have babies at 25. They secure deals at 25. They travel the world at 25. They take up fencing at 25 (hey, whatever rocks your boat aight) and so forth. Me? I'm thinking about whether I should have dinner tonight or whether I should go out to get some coffee. Yeah. So spoilt for time, so spoilt for the abundance of responsibility.
Ya Allah, I'm not complaining. Maybe I am just a little. I am nevertheless bersyukur sangat sangat because I know in many ways I am indeed lucky. I just need this favor from you. Please, let me pass this semester and let me work already. InsyaAllah and Amin =)

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